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The Leader in Lawsuit Loans The Leader in Lawsuit Loans  
If you are the plaintiff in a lawsuit, you already know it could be months – maybe even a year or longer – before you see cash from your settlement. If you need cash now, a lawsuit loan bridges the gap between your immediate need for cash and the months it will take for your case to come to trial or for you and the defendant to reach an out-of-court settlement.
Non-Recourse Lawsuit Advances - Not Really a Loan! Not Really a Loan  
While they are commonly called lawsuit loans, the money that plaintiffs receive in anticipation of their pending settlements are really advances. In fact, they are non-recourse advances. Unlike a loan – that has to be repaid regardless of your ability to repay it – a lawsuit advance is only repaid if and when you win your lawsuit or reach an out-of-court settlement.
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Fast Approvals
Fast Approvals - Apply Now!
We realize that people apply for lawsuit loans because they need the money! So we’ve expedited the entire process. You apply online or by calling us at 877-253-5538.
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Loans for Every Type of Lawsuit
Loans for Every Type of Lawsuit
We provide lawsuit loans for personal injury lawsuit plaintiffs, as well as businesses involved in commercial litigation. Virtually any type of personal injury lawsuit – auto accidents, workplace and industrial accidents, burns, dog bites, falls, wrongful death and wrongful termination – can qualify for a lawsuit loan.
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No Credit Check
Since a lawsuit loan is not a conventional loan, we do not run a credit check on those who apply for funding. Since the loan is really an advance against the proceeds of your pending lawsuit, it is based on the quality of your lawsuit, not your credit score
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No Employment Requirement
You do not need to be employed to qualify for a lawsuit loan. Approval is not based on your ability to make monthly payments because there are no monthly payments! Your attorney repays the loan from the proceeds of your lawsuit settlement.
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